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The Columbia Cartoons Wiki it's about all Columbia Animated Shorts that slowly took over the Charles Mintz Studio (Scrappy and Krazy Kat) by folding it into the Screen Gems Studio in 1934. This studio continued producing cartoons for Columbia release until it closed in 1946. (It's last cartoon releases appeared in 1949 - For the record: the Screen Gems name was reactivated in 1948 for Columbia's TV production, and today is a label for Sony's small budget theatrical feature films). Columbia began producing and releasing UPA cartoons in 1948.

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This little guy wasn't anywhere near as big a property as Mickey, and he's even less of one today — in fact, practically nobody remembers him at all anymore. But at the time (early 1930s), he was well able to hold his own in a field that included Bosko, Farmer Alfalfa, Flip the Frog and similar luminaries.


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